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Random Story #12: Studio Lovin’
In the studio by myself wrapped up in my blanket I snacked on some almonds as I listened to the instrumental of a song I was working on. Each time the music started over more metaphors and lines popped into my mind as I nodded to the beat. Jotting them down in the notepad I brought with me I read everything over makin’ a few changes here and there.
"Don’t yo ass ever go home?" A familiar voice startled me.
"Michael! Don’t do that!" I whined my New York accent thick as my hand clutched my chest. "I’m sorry, haha. What you doing here so late though?" He chuckled taking the seat next to me in the swivel chair.
"I’m determined to finish this verse tonight! Plus I couldn’t sleep. What you doing here?"
"Getting away from Chyna’s ass."
"Don’t do my wife."
"You can have her I’m sick of her fake ass literally!"
"Whoa there what’s wrong?" I inquired realizing the seriousness in his tone. "I’m done with her. She forever thinking I’m cheating and shit. I’m done with her bullshit." He continued to ramble on but I found myself nipping my bottom lip watching how his lips moved.
They are so pink and look as soft as cotton. I felt my body heat rise. “Nicki!” He called out and I shook my head ridding the filthy thoughts of his hands all over my body while stroking deep inside of this island kitty. “Hmm?” I hummed bugged eyed and he chuckled.
"What were you thinking about?"
"A little this and a whole lot of that." I muttered whilst my eye involuntarily danced to his crotch. He stood and I watched him lock the door. "Take this off." He tugged at my blanket which I happily threw somewhere unknown to me at the moment.
"You lookin at me like you want. So I’m gonna give it to you." His tone strong in a take charge kind of way exciting me even more.
Biting my bottom lip I watched as he unbuckled his belt and with my help he tugged his shirt over his torso. We did the same with the tank I was wearing; my breast sitting nice and perky in my bra. 
Gripping himself by the base he stroked himself making his thick member stiff. His bottom lip wedged between his teeth I placed my hand around the base and brought the tip between my lips.
Now I know what you’re thinking. What the hell Nicki?! You and Chyna are cool! This is her boyfriend! The father of her child! Blah, blah, blah shut the fuck up.
Look I know what I’ve said about Michael in the past, but look here I had a reputation that I am quite proud of. No nigga in this industry can say that I did something for a favor. I will not and would never give a nigga that power to hold something over my head.
Michael has always been sweet and not to mention he is just my type.
Tatted and caramel skin. Pink full lips and pretty brown chinky eyes. Needless to say I have a crush on him, but like I said I have a reputation. He has expressed a feeling of attraction to me, but I couldn’t say anything.
Taking my tongue using only the tip I circled the head before dragging it along his length. He kept his eyes on me while I continued to wet his skin. “Mmm.” I hummed after wrapping my lips around the tip and slowly pushed him further into my mouth.
Bobbing my head back and forth I coated him with my spit making it nice and slippery. Little groans fled from his lips as he tossed his head back along with increasing speed of his breathing. It wasn’t long before his fingers latched onto my long black locks which he removed from the loose bun it was in from the friction his fingers caused.
With every bob of my head and stroke of my tongue I kept my eyes with his even when he closed his to bask in the intense pleasure he was receiving. Reaching down in my shorts I let my fingers pass the barrier my thong created and slowly began to play with my kitten.
Moans vibrated in my throat when my eyes began to roll in the back of my head. Fingers were instantly soak from the feeling and I could taste a bit of bitterness on my tongue before the substance filled my cheeks. Swallowing it all I cleaned up the remaining that dripped off his member with my tongue and he shuddered as I teased the head and showed his dangling partners a little attention.
"Lay back." he ordered removing his shirt and I did as he instructed. 
I took it upon myself to remove my bra and t-shirt while he unclothed my lower half. Gently spreading my legs apart I watched as his hand reached to touch my middle.
The second it did I inhaled deeply then he touched my pearl and began to rub slightly. While his fingers slowly started the wave of pleasure hitting my bloodstreams he trailed kisses up my body until he reached my right nipple.
He flicked his tongue over it once before his lips collapsed around it than began to suckle softly. Grinding against his fingers moans were now once again audible from my lips.
He showed my left nipple the same attention before he let the top of his tongue drag down my skin to my middle. Now face to face with my kitten I felt the warmness of his wet lips collapse around my clit. His fingers massaged my letting my sweetness coat his fingers.
My moans slowly began to amplify as time passed and my orgasm neared. I mean his tongue was so wet and warm doing all kinds of tricks. His name continuously left my lips along with my praises to thee almighty for blessing him with the skill that his tongue possessed.
"Michael don’t stop! Ahhhh!!!!" I cried as my body shook releasing my love elixir on his juicy lips. I felt him lick all over me causing my body to shudder in a aftershock.
"Damn." He groaned huskily.
"Sweet as peaches huh." I purred laying provocatively crossing my legs at the ankle and raising them slightly with a arch in my back. "Mhm. Roll over and put that arch in ya back." He slapped the side of my ass and watched it jiggle.
A slight giggle left my lips as I did as I was told; flipping my hair to the left side in the process. My legs spread and my ass perched up in the air I popped my ass upwards making it shake like a wave. I glanced at him over my shoulder and saw the lust in his eyes.
"Come get it baby."
Bracing myself for his thick member to stretch my walls I calmed myself by breathing calmly. His hand ran up my thighs softly up to my ass to squeeze firmly before giving it a smack. His member hooked inside me perfectly as he rolled his hips giving smooth mild strokes.
"Mmm." I hummed biting on my bottom lip. His strokes picked up to a brisk pace making more moans fall from my lips. "Throw that ass back." he commanded. Doing so I occasionally squeezed myself around him as I pulled away from him.
"Damn girl." he groaned lowly massaging my ass. Switching it up a little I slowed down my motions and wobbled my hips making my ass clap against him. I heard him curse under his breath that twisted with a moan.
"Auugh Michael!" I whined as his dick poked deeper within me as my nectar drenched him in its sweetness. Stroking smoothly he let me ride out my orgasm with his body hunched over mine while he placed kisses on my back and shoulder.
"Get up." his tone deep and gruff in the sexiest way possible.
He led me to the sectional provided and at on the edge. Straddling his lap I helped him place his member at my opening and slid down smoothly. Rolling my hips back and forth I bounced slightly every now and again gripping him as my hips jerked forward.
Moaning in each others mouths I rolled my hips a little faster while he teased my body by bringing his touch to my clit then removing it; repeatedly. He formed a bear hug type grip on my waist and held my body closely and tight. His movements becoming more like a jackhammer slamming into me roughly.
"OW! OW! OWWWW! AHHH! TYGA!!!" I whined at the top of my lungs hoarsely. My air supply was trapping itself in my lungs when one of his hands gripped my neck.
Pressure built up all over my body until I drenched his lap with my love elixir. He kept going causing my breast to gently hit him in the chin after I managed to sit up some. 
"Finish me off." 
Sliding off his lap quickly I gripped him in my hand and flicked my thumb over the head of his penis while sucking on his balls. “Nicki!” he groaned falling further back onto the sectional. Deep throating him I hummed and spit over him; polishing his shaft with my lips until he exploded in my mouth. 
Swallowing once again I laid comfortably on top of him to catch a breath. I’m not sure exactly where this is going to lead to next, but if its more of this I am down.



Makin’ my way thru the hood,

lokkin’ good,

wish a nigga would,

try me.



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ugh omg.

booty so fat i had to pray
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Broken,lovely,funny 😨

Beautiful, funny & fat.

Beautiful, Broken & Lovely

Whore, Broken & Epic…seems about right haha

Fat, pretty , and beautiful. Legit
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Why you are so sexy?